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The park is one sure place to go for hunting soccer moms. Specially if you already have a soccer team. You’ll be amazed to see what amateur soccer moms will do to get your attention. Check it out!

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Dave was just hanging around waiting for his team to turn up for practice. Instead of his teammates, it was one of the other player’s mom who turned up looking for help. She needed to move some furniture and since she couldn’t afford to pay for help, she was willing to make it up some other way.

Christina is the type of MILF that is always looking for some action. Be it watching or participating in it, you can surely tell even though she says she’s an amateur, she sure handles cock like a pro.

She was a bit skeptical about having it all on camera since her husband might find out how she pays for all the services she gets in their house. Luckily, she was desperate and horny enough that she decided to get her share dick before she missed her chance.

She showed what it really takes to be a soccer player’s mom. She shows everyone that she’s got all the moves - most of which her son will be able to see online now. Who is the better player in the team now? Him or Dave…?

I think the real winner here is Christina because she jizz sprayed on her face like a champions champagne celebration!

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