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Brandi was in the sun waiting for the game to finish so that she could take her kids home. However, when the game ran into to overtime she knew she would have to find something to kill her time.

Taking a nap didn’t help as it only got her mind thinking about having someone beside her, rubbing her pussy and ready to satisfy her fantasy. That’s when this young stallion came in and she couldn’t take it any longer.

Brandi might have three kids, but she has the body and stamina of a woman half her age and the hunger for dick that only a MILF can have. She shows us that she really is the hottest soccer mom in town.

Watch as she demonstrates her skills on and of the pitch show all her skills with balls and especially when it comes to heads. She does as intense session of cock sucking which makes you wonder if her husband shouldn’t lock her in the house whenever he leaves.

With this fantastic body, big, round tits and nice shaved muff, it’s as if this mommy is on a mission to get laid.

She truly has the skill to be a top striker, the only problem is: she doesn’t know whether to score or get scored!

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