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If you thought soccer Moms were only into the players then you are WRONG! It took just one bottle of water from this water boy to turn this babe into a naughty soccer mom!

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Victoria was sitting at alone in the park watching the game, and slowly getting turned on watching the players. When the water boy came up to her to offer a drink, she was already wetter than the bottle.

After a bit of flirting this MILF was ready to explode. She was eye his package like it was a prize. But when she took her clothes off, the real prize was revealed.

She had such perfect jugs that you could put your dick in and fuck them till you cum. A nice trimmed pussy that just screamed ‘bang me hard’. It was so well trimmed that you can only assume she was waiting in the park for someone to come fuck her.

Watch as Jack fucks her like crazy. This mommy jumped on cock like it was her job. This chick was so into it she even got her ass fingered while she a dick rammed up her pussy. After a lot of pounding he did what all good teammates do and yelled GOAL as he shot his load on her tits making her nipples all hard.

I bet she feels well hydrated and full of protein now… Watch the magic of the water boy.

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