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MILFs are not the only ones who know how to score. Soccer Dads are always in the game and when it comes time to score they show they know how tot do it best: a soccer mom fuck a thon.

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Sky had a rivalry with this soccer dad. But when her sons team played his sons team, it was time to go all out. She bet her ass that they would beat him, but turned out she was wrong. Since her team can’t score, she’s better off leading by example.

When it was time to pay her due for the bet, she decided to make the best of it. If you can beat them, fuck them!

It’s hard to believe that this babe has kids and drives a mini van. Her body is so fine it could have been sculpted by Michelangelo himself. If only her man ad taken better care of her, she wouldn’t have landed on the hands of this horny daddy.

After showing all she’s got, she wraps those big lips around his dong and proceeds to suck him as if the needs to show service to her boss. But since he also knows the game all to well he quickly informs her that it’s not about hitting the post, but about scoring in the hole. Her son’s team might suck, but she can doesn’t have to. Not when she knows what she does about scoring.

He proceeds to pound her doggy style as if to say “this is how you do it”. But when she decides to show him that football is all in the hips, you can see him think: “damn I didn’t know soccer moms fuck this good.”

Yes they can! So good that when he can’t hold the feeling of her pussy squeezing his dick any longer he fires a huge load on her ass! Talk about scoring from behind, this is a wicked celebration.

So if want to be a winner a gambling, bet soccer mom to fuck. They will surely want to lose to you!

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